On July 20, 1969, with 600 million people watching on TV, an American crew landed on the Moon—the first people ever to walk on another world. The Apollo 11 mission had three crew members: Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, who piloted the craft that would return them to Earth, while the others became the first two men ever to walk its surface.

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SQUATS ! LEG DAY ! There is no better way to release some healthy testosterone than powerlifting. A compound workout like a squat will hit muscles in your quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteus maximus. While completing my night float rotation as a Resident this has been a great way of finding relaxation. Technique is critical 

Dr. Ryan Geller Aronin, MD

Resident Physician, Internal Medicine

Over the past year I have been trying to push myself to the max in weight training while balancing the rigors of being an Internal Medicine, Resident Physician. Here are a few clips of myself strengthening my pecs on the bench press, seated cable rows for maximum back and lat stimulation, T-Bar rows and shoulder shrugs.